Alas, baking fails befall us all. One befell me today. Still, I kept my word, and there’s magic in that.

The magic of a baking fail

If you’ve followed along this blogging adventure, you might recall that I said that I always wanted to be one of those breezy women who can turn on their ovens in summer and bake wonderful seasonal desserts. “In this fantasy,” I wrote, “I will have a beautiful dress that I will never spill on, and my hair is glorious. I might even be taller.” Such is the magic I have bestowed on baking a Berry Galette. Alas, things did not go to plan. This is the tale of the magic of a baking fail.

Not in the mood to bake

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been promising a strawberry galette. Last week got a bit derailed for the obvious reasons. This week nearly got derailed by the fact that, while I had so much fun learning some new skills for the Lisbon Guide, that post took a lot out of me.

Today, after walking with Ollie, I took a nap. When I woke up, the late afternoon was streaming through my west-facing third-floor windows (AC only takes the edge off). I did not want to bake.

So I booked movers instead and called my parents. My mom reminded me that I’d been promising my Berry Galette for a while now. She was right.

Things don't always go to plan

Keeping my word

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about spinning plates and having too much going on. For over a year now, things have felt out of control, and I have just not been able to follow through on things in the way that I’d like. I’m looking forward to a change of pace and to be able to focus better and to do the things I’ve said that I would do.

Still, I decided that I would keep my word. I baked a Berry Galette.

The magic of a baking fail

Welp. I baked it. Did it turn out? Not really. Clearly I need to work on my skills with more liquidy fillings and folding galette crusts. I also needed to use a touch more sugar.

The magic spell I expected certainly did not work. I’m wearing flour, and I’m a sweaty mess.

But maybe another kind of magic happened. I did something I said that I was going to do. It didn’t turn out the way that I’d hoped, but it tastes good, and I feel better.

I might even try it again.