Everything you need to plan the perfect holiday in Lisbon! NEW Neighborhood Guides and an annotated map, blog posts, and the basic info you need for a trip of a lifetime. FREE for subscribers. Find out why you need it!

Welcome to Lisbon!

If you’ve been reading along this blog adventure, you know that Lisbon is one of my absolute favorite cities. I am SO excited to share with you the Wonder & Sundry Guide to Lisbon, FREE for subscribers!

NEW Neighborhood Guides

In addition to the annotated map like the one in the Wonder & Sundry Guide to Boston, this guide to Lisbon features new Neighborhood Guides to help orient you to Lisbon.

You can use them to plan or on the go and you’ll never miss the highlights.

The Neighborhood Guides provide:

  • An overview of the area and why you’ll love it
  • Practicalities, including solo female traveler information
  • Highlights in things to do and eat/drink, with all the details available at a click
  • Related Lisbon posts, including my suggested overnight excursion
  • A map of the area

These guides are why this post is so late, but why I am so excited, because they are going to help you plan the perfect vacation with the Wonder & Sundry Guide to Lisbon!

Neighborhood Guide to Lisbon this one is Alfama and has a photo of the winding streets distinctive of the area)

Expanded practical features 

From the airport information to details about Lisbon’s outstanding public transit system, as well as how long you can stay before you simply must apply for that new D7 visa, this guide has it.

You want the Wonder & Sundry Guide to Lisbon!

If you’re headed to Lisbon you want this. It’s FREE, and, if you subscribe, it always will be free to you (you’ll also get a weekly note from me and all of the Wonders & Sundries you’ll ever want).

Let me know what you think in the comments!