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Have a wonderful trip with these travel essentials!

Everything in the Travel Shop is either something I use personally or is a very close approximation to an item that is no longer available (those are noted). You’ll also learn why I recommend it.

Most items here are listed with affiliate links, meaning that I receive a commission for qualifying purchases.  Shopping here helps supports me in creating Wonder & Sundry, and I am grateful that you’ve chosen to shop here.

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Luggage & Accessories

These cute and sturdy luggage tags will help you identify your luggage and provide info in the event that your bags are lost. Comes in lots of colors!

I can’t tell you how many people recommended Osprey backpacks to me, and now I’m recommending one to you. This backpack works as a carry-on and holds SO much!

It has so many intelligent features, including straps that stash away for stowing in the overhead bin, and the padded shoulder straps and chest strap make it comfortable to carry around. I used my backpack for my three-month trip in the Balkans, and I will now never travel without it. This is very close to a now-discontinued model I have.

NOTE that this includes a daypack, which needs to be removed in order to be used as a carry-on item.

If you aren’t using packing cubes yet, consider this your sign from the universe. These reasonably priced and durable cubes keep you organized and make packing a breeze (I don’t know what happens when you pack stuff in cubes to make it smaller, but this is magic I support. This set also comes with a little laundry bag that I find useful on long trips. This comes in different colors.

Looking for a sustainable alternative to the plastic baggie for your liquids when going through security? Use this one from Stasher. Note that it is not as flexible as a regular plastic bag, and it might not fit as much.

Use these to keep track of your belongings with these easy-to-use trackers. To track, you will need the Tile app, which has a modest subscription fee, and you can cancel when your trip is done.

Tip: Don’t just use them with checked luggage, but also stash one in your bag when you’re out and about for peace of mind.

This might not pack to nothing, and it’s heavier than you would expect for a “travel umbrella.” However, rain tends to come with wind, and those flimsy little things do not stand up to it. This one does. I use it at home, too.

Personal Care

Trust me. When You spritz yourself after a long flight and instantly feel revived, you are going to thank yourself for making what seemed like a ridiculous purchase. It is indeed just water, and, like water, it is a miracle. I use the full size at home as well.

Trust me. When You spritz yourself after a long flight and instantly feel revived, you are going to thank yourself for making what seemed like a ridiculous purchase. It is indeed just water, and, like water, it is a miracle. I use the full size at home as well.

Land in (hair)style! If you’re anything like me, your locks could use a little love after a long flight (or a late night). Dry shampoo to the rescue! Be sure to get the 1.6oz size!

I’ve used this for lightweight coverage forever. The mini size isn’t just perfect for travel—because it lasts so long, it’s really all you need.

This is my go-to mascara, and I only ever buy it in the travel size. It will last you just about as long as a mascara should last.

IYKYK, and the struggle with the thighs is real. Prevent the unpleasantness with Body Glide. Works great and lasts.

Not only is ironing a pain when you’re traveling, but you won’t find an iron in some countries. Enter wrinkle release spray. I bought this for a trip ages ago and was so impressed that I even use it at home. This comes in a two-pack so you’ll always be ready to travel. TIP: Store this in a baggie to prevent any spilling if the cap falls off.

There’s nothing like brushing your teeth to restore you after a long journey. These won’t have you digging through your bag or trying to find a sink to do so.

Instantly soothe dry, irritated skin with this cult beauty classic. Lucas PawPaw ointment works wonders after a long flight, and I use it every day on my lips, eyes, hands, and body. One little tube lasts forever and a day, so use it sparingly, as it can be greasy. I like the tube for travel and face/hands use and a tub for body when I’m home.

If you suffer from allergies, you will be glad that you stashed these in your luggage if you come across a dusty pillow. May you never need them.

Don’t show up at your destination looking like you just got back from a party. These eye drops take the red out and will have you bright eyed, if not bushy tailed. Note that they can sting a little if your eyes are especially sensitive.

Protect your skin from the sun and give it a subtle glow with this fantastic sunscreen that does double duty and provides a little moisture as well. I use it every day.




This was a revelation. I picked up a travel bathrobe for my trip to the Balkans, because I was staying in a rooming house the first leg and wanted to avoid awkwardness. Well, wouldn’t you know it, but it became my favorite item that I brought on my trip. Having a robe made me feel much more at home everywhere I went, and it was so lightweight that it didn’t take up room in my luggage. This one is close to the one that I bought.

Not going to lie. There’s nothing glamorous about compression socks, but you’ll feel a lot better for having worn them on a long flight. These do the job, and you just might find yourself wearing them for long walks, too, because they feel amazing.They come in tons of different (if sometimes unfortunate) color/pattern choices.

Lightweight, versatile tee that’s perfect for layering or wearing on its own.

Lightweight and packs like a dream, this wrap will keep you warm after the sun goes down and will keep you cozy on a long flight. Toss it in your bag for when the sun goes down. This is like one that I have.


Feels like a sneaker, looks like a shoe. Lightweight, washable, and packs easily.

Let’s face it: Sometimes you need flip flops while you’re traveling. You may as well have good ones. Archies Flip Flops offer superior arch support. These are comfortable enough to wear all day (I wear them to cook in the summer), and they last. They also come in tons of fun colors! I have them in Coral.

I’ve brought these Isotoner ballet slippers traveling for years and years, and I’ve been wearing them since I was a kid. They are super comfy, pack flat, and will make you feel much more at home when you’re traveling.

Cute Tevas will never be, but they have a certain retro appeal.  I swore that I’d never wear them  again, but late ast spring, I injured the back of my knee, and I needed something I could walk in. Enter the original Air Jesus (yes, that’s what we called them back in the day). Good lord, these are comfortable.

Tevas are perfect for walks on beaches and uneven ground. While they’re not a replacement for watershoes, they are good for a scramble on a rocky river bottom, should you feel so inclined. Tevas pack nicely, too, and you can wear them where you would otherwise wear flip-flops.


Is this a bit of a brick? Yeah. Will you be SO grateful that you have it when you need it? YEAH! This is a new model than the one that I have.

If you travel internationally on the regular and you plan to be abroad for less than 90 days in any 180-day period, Google Fi is your new best friend. It works seamlessly in most countries, for no additional charge with a qualifying plan.

I don’t think of this as old-fashioned. I think of this as being cheap. If I’m going to lose headphones on a plane, they are going to cost less than $10. These are surprisingly comfortable and good quality, and I use them almost exclusively for in-flight movies.

Consider this my lesson learned. Don’t give into the temptation to use your phone as an alarm clock. It’s too easy to “just check something quick” and spend two hours you wish you’d been asleep scrolling. Use this tiny travel alarm clock and get your sleep.

This two-pack Type C travel adapters includes USB C and USB ports to help cut down on the number of plugs you need to tote around with you.

This two-pack Type G travel adapters includes USB C and USB ports to help cut down on the number of plugs you need to tote around with you.


The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer

If you haven’t read this lively medieval collection of tales from a disparate group of pilgrims en route together to Canterbury, you owe it to yourself to pick it up. Let’s discuss the Wife of Bath.

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia, by Elizabeth Gilbert

I’ve gone around the bend on whether or not to include this book in my list. Is this a tale of incredible privilege? Yes. Is it always self-aware of this privilege? No. Does it wind up as a love story, which is a bit much? Yeah.

However, it’s also some of the better travel writing you’ll read, and, while her journey might not be perfect, Gilbert writes about profound spiritual experience in a way that will make you see it. It’s funny, honest, and inspired a whole bunch of female travelers for a reason. If you’ve denied yourself this book, because you think you’ll roll your eyes, I’ll tell you this. You might roll your eyes, but you’re also going to devour this book. Elizabeth Gilbert can write.

Flâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice, and London, by Lauren Elkin

If you’ve traveled to Paris, or even just read about it, the concept of the flâneur, someone, historically a man, who leisurely wanders the streets of the city alone, without a destination or care in the world.

In this insightful book, Lauren Elkin explores the concept of the flâneur, but as a woman. She brings her own experience living in several world capitals as well as a wide range of works on wandering and spins a new creature, the flâneuse. This book is at its strongest when examining the lives of Martha Gellhorn, Sophie Calle, and George Sand, but Elkin’s own experience informs how contemporary women can take on the role of the flâneuse.

The Half Known Life: In Search of Paradise, by Pico Iyer

In this meditation on what makes paradise, Pico Iyer, one of our greatest travel writers, journeys to spiritual sites and encounters very human realities, including within himself. As travelers, we are outsiders looking in, but as humans. we recognize ourselves. Iyer’s weaving of the outer and inner experience of travel and spiritual questions will stick with you.

In Patagonia, by Bruce Chatwin

I have yet to see Patagonia, but I started reading this when I headed to South America. Bruce Chatwin wandered Patagonia in the 1970s, collecting tales of the land and its inhabitants (memorably, the cabin built by Butch Cassidy). Chatwin brings Patagonia to you in this exquisitely written book that will turn you into an adventurer.

No One Tells You This, by Glynnis MacNicol

Making a decision to live a child-free life, especially for women, carries a huge stigma. We’re supposed to feel like failures for not having children, or partners. MacNicol took her fortieth year and took stock of her life as a single, child-free woman and decided to love her life, even if it wasn’t exactly what she’d envisioned it to be.

In taking stock, MacNicol travels to Iceland and Wyoming, as well as not far from her home in New York City, showing how travel has the power to change our perspective. Honest and raw, as well as funny and hopeful, this is a worthy read, particularly if you’re wrestling with similar questions.

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