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Welcome to the Sundry Shop! Featuring travel supplies, kitchen essentials, books, and more, these are the goods I rely on and use the most, and I’ve shared why.

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Here are a few favorite items from the shop! There’s so much more where these came from!

Just read!

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store, by James McBride

Set mostly in the early-to-mid twentieth century in the Jewish and Black section, known as Chicken Hill, in an old Pennsylvania town, this story slowly reveals the identity of a skeleton found in the 1970s. The cast of characters rivals a Russian novel, and the story is not a happy one, yet McBride suffuses his tale with humor and hope. It has one of the most satisfying endings I’ve read in a long time. All the stars, and be prepared to stay up too late reading it.

Travel essentials

Feels like a sneaker, looks like a shoe. Lightweight, washable, and packs easily.

Is this a bit of a brick? Yeah. Will you be SO grateful that you have it when you need it? YEAH! This is a new model than the one that I have.

Kitchen supplies

Ingredients for Boston Brown Bread on a wooden table with the can to steam it ini in the foreground and string

Mis en place for Boston Brown Bread

These are the best sheet pans for cooking for one. They are excellent quality and just the right size. They fit in apartment ovens.

If you’re making popsicles and fudgesicles (and I hope you are!), these molds are fantastic. I’ve used these several times thus far and am very pleased with the results. They create that classic popsicle shape, they unmold well, and, they are just so darn cute!