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Welcome to the Sundry Shop! Featuring travel supplies, kitchen essentials, books, and more, these are the goods I rely on and use the most, and I’ve shared why.

Most products sold in the Sundry Shop have affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. Shopping at the Sundry Shop supports me as I create Wonder & Sundry. This one-woman show thanks you for your support!

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Here are a few favorite items from the shop! There’s so much more where these came from!

Just read!

Enchantment: Awakening Wonder in an Anxious Age, by Katherine May

May’s meditation on enchanting her world, or bringing a sense of magic and wonder to it, focuses on our human need for wonder. Over the course of the pandemic, May writes that she’d lost her wonder, and this reflection on how she recognized this and sought to do something about it is definintely worth your time.

Travel essentials

Trust me. When You spritz yourself after a long flight and instantly feel revived, you are going to thank yourself for making what seems like a ridiculous purchase. It is indeed just water, and, like water, it is a miracle. I use the full size at home as well.

I can’t tell you how many people recommended Osprey backpacks to me, and now I’m recommending one to you. This backpack works as a carry-on and holds SO much!

It has so many intelligent features, including straps that stash away for stowing in the overhead bin, and the padded shoulder straps and chest strap make it comfortable to carry around. I used my backpack for my three-month trip in the Balkans, and I will now never travel without it. This is very close to a now-discontinued model I have.

NOTE that this includes a daypack, which needs to be removed in order to be used as a carry-on item.

Kitchen supplies

Use this Le Creuset Oven to roast a chicken or make large-batch soups and stews.

A Lodge cast iron skillet is my workhorse. Cook on the stove, put it in the oven (better yet, start on the stove and finish in the oven), this beast works better than my far more expensive Le Creuset skillet. This now comes with a silicone hot handle, that I’ve never used before, but I imagine would be welcome.