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New Login System

As of August 2023, Wonder & Sundry has a new login system for Subscribers to access their Wonders & Sundries (aka Subscriber treats). If you’re having trouble getting your goodies, the below should help. 

If it doesn’t, please let me know below. I’m happy to help!

  • If you subscribed prior to August 10, 2023, and haven’t yet taken the steps to get your new password, please do so using this link. You need to do this before you can access your online Wonders & Sundries.
  • If you subscribed after August 10, 2023, and haven’t yet set your password, please either log in or click “forgot password” on the login form.
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Still Need Help?

  • Forgot your password? Click the “forgot password” link below the login form.
  • Something else? Please contact me below, and I will get back to you just as quickly as I can.