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Online Resources


We Are Solo Living


General info

A Profile of Single Americans, Pew Research Center

The Number of Unmarried Americans Continues to Grow, Latest Census Report Shows, Unmarried.org

Childfree & Reproductive Freedom

30 Childfree People Who Face Double Standards At Work Open Up About How Unfair It Is, Bored Panda

Childfree Community Resources, My So-Called Selfish Life

What’s Missing from Alito’s Decision to Revoke the Right to Abortion, New Yorker

Whether You’re ‘Childless’ or ‘Childfree’, You Shouldn’t Have to Talk About It, Guardian

Financial Issues

The Escalating Costs of Being Single in America, Vox

The Hidden Costs of Living Alone, Atlantic

Living Alone

10 Reasons Why Living Alone Can Be Good For You, We Are Solo Living


‘All the Single Ladies,’ by Rebecca Traister, NYT

The Art of Being Happily Single, Tiny Buddha

The Profound Rewards of Staying Single, Psychology Today

Unmarried, Happily Ever After, NYT

What Does Marriage Ask Us to Give Up? NYT

Why Are increasing Numbers of Women Choosing to Be Single? Guardian

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