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Wonder (noun)

a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable

When's the last time you felt wonder?

Welcome to the new Wonder & Sundry: Travel, Eat, Live! Here we create lives filled with wonder. We go on adventures far and close, cook (and eat!) incredible food, and create rituals & habits to add to our experience of wonder. Find out more about Wonder & Sundry (and meet me!) below and follow along on the W&S blog!

Let’s go find some wonder!

About Wonder & Sundry

About me

Hi! I'm Sara. Let's go find some wonder!

Well, hey there! It’s a pleasure. I’m so happy you’re here!

My name is Sara Scott, and I’m your fellow explorer into this thing called wonder.

If I have a superpower, it’s this—I am really good at noticing wonder just about everywhere I go, even if it’s just walking my dog Ollie around the block. Part of this superpower comes naturally. I’m insatiably curious. The rest, though, I learned and cultivated, and so can you.

The world’s a better place when we find the wonder in it, don’t you think? Let’s go find some wonder together!


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About W&S Travel


Let's go!

Tell me you love travel as much as I do! Travel sparks a sense of wonder by shocking us into the present moment. There’s nothing like the wonder of exploring a new place, right?

In Travel, you’ll find:

  • Unforgettable destinations
  • Solo travel & solo female travel
  • Tips & tricks
  • Food & travel
  • Exclusive travel guides for subscribers!

About W&S Eat

Ingredients for lemony carrot soup with dill. Carrots, herbs, onions, parsley, lemon visible

Recipes & More!

What are you eating? Seriously, it looks delicious! Food & drink open up a world of wonder to us, whether we’re cooking at home or experiencing new tastes around the world.

In Eat: Recipes & More, you’ll find: 

  • Recipes by course
  • Seasonal eating
  • Food & travel
  • Cookbook shelf & other resources
  • Wonder & Sundry Recipe Box for Subscribers!

About W&S Live

coffee cup and journal, with a blue covered e-reader, a fence and shrub visible in the background.

Let's live!

Let’s live the lives we have always dreamed of! This is where we bring it all together.

In Live, you’ll find:

  • Rituals & Habits
  • Happily Single
  • Work Life
  • Nest & Home
  • MORE!


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About W&S Sundries

Float therapy reminded me of swimming in the Adriatic.

Defy categorization!

Some wonders defy categorization! You’ll find them here.

In Sundries, you’ll find:

  • Sundry Wonders: A weekly-ish photo gallery and meditation, based on my walks
  • What a Wonderful Week: A recap of the week
  • Wonders & Sundries for Subscribers
  • And, you know, sundry bits that defy said categorization

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