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Guide to Lisbon: Portuguese tiles

Announcing the Wonder & Sundry Guide to Lisbon, Portugal

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11 Can’t-Miss Touristy Things to Do in Lisbon

Don’t miss the touristy things in an effort to “live like a local.” You can get a slice of local life AND discover the reasons why destinations became popular in the first place. Lisbon has showstopping attractions that you just can’t miss. Here are 11 of my favorites. Video and detailed map included in post to help you plan your trip! Updated January 2023.
Lost in Lisbon

Travelogue: Getting Lost in Lisbon

Do you ever get lost (on purpose) when you travel? It's one of my favorite things to do. I have an especially fond memory of getting lost in Lisbon on the second day of my trip. That wander I took allowed me to see some of the "real Lisbon," something I would have missed out on had I stuck to well-traveled paths.