It's always a perfect time to show yourself some love! Be your own valentine, take yourself on a date, book that solo trip, and learn to enjoy your own company. This roundup will give you loads of ideas for how take care of you in the most wonderful way!

Show yourself some love!

Valentine’s Day may come once a year, but it’s always the right time to show yourself some love. Spoil yourself, you wonderful creature! Here’s a ton of ideas from the tiny to the grand for how you can tell you that you love you, exactly the way you are. Share your ideas in the comments below!

Show Yourself Some Love

Ah, Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a bit loaded for we single folk. Be your own valentine and buy yourself the flowers and candy. Book the massage. Show yourself some love.

Date yourself

Our culture encourages us to wait until we’ve found someone to do the things we love with. Honestly, that’s the worst advice. Take yourself out on a date with these ideas, from coffee to dinner, and lots of ideas in between!

Enjoy your own company

Do you like hanging out with yourself? Spending time alone can be daunting, but it helps if you know what you really want. Here’s some practical steps to take to help figure that out and learn to enjoy your own company.

Book that solo trip!

Waiting for a travel companion? Well, stop that and just go! Here’s some practical ways to help figure out the best first solo trip for you.

Bake yourself a cake!

You, my dear, are the occasion. Bake yourself this decadent chocolate cake. Not a chocolate fan? Try one of the other small-batch recipes and make yourself a wonderful meal to show yourself some love.

How do you show yourself some love?

What’s your best way to show yourself some love? Let us know in the  comments below!