A roundup post for dips and spreads, perfect for a party or no-cook dinners! Continuously updates, so this is a great one to bookmark!

Let’s dip!

From casual no-cook dinners to parties, we all need a few good recipes for dips and spreads. They’re versatile—make a little or a lot, eat on crackers, in salads and sandwiches, straight out of the bowl—and delicious. Personally, I can’t get enough of them. I love snacks for dinner, especially in the summer, set up with a little flair around a little dip or spread, with a glass of something nice. And, I have a weakness for the dip bowl at parties. Enter this Recipes Roundup of Dips & Spreads.

Perfect for parties and no-cook dinners

These are recipes I’ve served at parties and eaten standing up in front of the fridge in my pajamas. As with all recipes roundups, this roundup of dips and spreads updates when I add new recipes, so it’s a good post to bookmark.

Recipes Roundup of Dips & Spreads

Recipes roundup of dips & spreads

Without further ado, here is the roundup of recipes for dips and spreads!

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Tip! Use the Recipe Multiplier

May of these dips and spreads are small-batch recipes. However, you can easily scale them clicking the multipliers on the recipe cards

Favorite dips and spreads and ones I want to try

  • I love buffalo chicken dip. I’m heartbroken that my favorite from the Friendly Toast is no longer on the menu. I have always been a little afraid of making it (we should have some limits), but this one from Salt and Baker looks delicious.
  • This pimento cheese dip is outrageous. It’s not the one at the dearly departed Tupelo in Inman Square, but it’s super good.
  • I would really like to try this Smoky Carrot Dip sometime soon.
  • Not only is this Smoked Salmon 7-Layer Dip delicious, but it’s also beautiful.

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