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Travel image of the Bronze Gate of Diocletian's Palace, Split Croatia.

Announcing the Wonder & Sundry Guide to Split, Croatia!

Heading to Split, Croatia (or just thinking about it)? You’ll want my FREE Wonder & Sundry Guide to Split! It’s packed with amazing things to do (and eat!) from someone who spent an entire month in this glorious city. Includes a map! Don’t miss a thing and subscribe today (that’s free too!)!
D16 is one of the best cafes to work from in Split, Croatia

Cafés to Work from in Split, Croatia: 3 Favorites

Croatia has an amazing café culture, and Split is no exception. As we know, however, not every café is the spot to pull out your laptop and start working. Here are three cafés in Split that I loved working from, and you will, too. Post includes a map.
A travel Res Day in Dobrota, Montenegro. A bed is visible in the foreground with a light gray cover. Outside, the window with a flowing curtain, there's a mountain visible, and green water with a sailboat

15 Tips to Help You Take Better Travel Rest Days

Let’s face it—traveling can be exhausting. When we’re someplace that we’ve never been before and we have precious little time there, taking a much-needed day rest day can make us feel badly about ourselves. Travel rest days are so important, however, and here are 15 tips to make them better.

Sundry Wonders: So Little Time

Sundry Wonders is a weekly column featuring a photo gallery and meditation, usually based on my walks. With my last week in Split comes a little melancholy. Going to the Archaeological Museum, with all of its markers of our fleeting time on Earth seemed fitting.
Diocletian's Palace Peristil, with tourists in the peristil.

Visit Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia (with Map)

You can’t miss Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Literally. However, it can be hard to know what you’re looking at and to get all of the information in one place, because there are different museums associated with different parts, not to mention everything you can visit for free. This post includes a detailed map you can use to help plan your adventure and find your way while you're visiting this glorious UNESCO site.