Heading to Split, Croatia (or just thinking about it)? You’ll want my FREE Wonder & Sundry Guide to Split! It’s packed with amazing things to do (and eat!) from someone who spent an entire month in this glorious city. Includes a map! Don’t miss a thing and subscribe today (that’s free too!)!

I spent a month in Split, Croatia—here’s absolutely everything I loved about it in one guide

It’s here! The Wonder & Sundry Guide to Split, Croatia, has arrived. Traveling to Split? You’re going to want this. Thinking about going to Split? Let it inspire you. I spent an entire month in this glorious city, and I’ve unearthed tons of treasures to share with you that you won’t find in the guidebooks. Best of all, it’s FREE! All you have to do is subscribe—that’s free, too!

the menu for the Wonder & Sundry Guide to Split Croatia

The Wonder & Sundry Guide to Split—what’s in it?

What’s in the Wonder & Sundry Guide to Split, Croatia, you ask? Let me tell you! Here’s what you’ll find:

  • The Big Picture
    • An all-new Know Before You Go that I’m sharing with you to entice you. This at-a-glance guide gives you the basic information, including solo travel insights, you need to know before traveling to Split and reasons why you’ll love it. This also includes links to my blog posts & more!
    • Can’t-Miss Recommendations—Split’s highlights.
    • Neighborhood & Surrounding Area Guides—These help you plan your time in Split by including the best things to do, eat, and drink in a given area. They also share what I think you’ll love in that area.
    • The Map—Every location from the Guide included in one map. This includes so much more than what I covered in blog posts. You can use this on the go or for planning.

Check out Know Before You Go!

  • The Details
    • Day Trips & Tours—Every great trip includes day trips and excursions. These were my favorites in Split that I think you’ll love.
    • The Listings—It’s all in the details. Listings are included in Neighborhood guides, but if you’re looking for my recommendations of things to do, food & drink, and even helpful transportation listings. Basic information is available from the listing page, and you can click for details, including websites and directions.
    • Blog Posts—You can also find every blog post I’ve done on Split.

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