Well, that was a tough week. My poor Ollie needed to have surgery on Tuesday for a dietary indiscretion. He’ll make a full recovery and already feels much better, but my little guy had to stay overnight stay at the animal hospital. The vet sent him home with strict orders that he stay quiet for fourteen days as his incision heals.

After so many vet appointments, tests, and worry, I’m relieved to know that, while dramatic and serious, the surgery cured my little guy.

Ollie, meanwhile, can have snacks again, which suits him just fine. If his energy levels were the only consideration, we’d be off on long walks again, with his Donut of Shame nothing but a dreadful memory. Alas, his human knows that we need to stick with slow meanders very close to home until he’s fully healed. 

With spring in full bloom (even though we had snow on Friday—I told you it was a tough week!), we still have still found sights to behold.

My neighbor’s tulips caught my eye, as did the new spring green maple on the corner.  Otherwise, I’m mostly watching spring unfold from my living room. With a view of the treetops, that’s not so bad.

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