Experience Montenegro's stunning natural beauty and culture with these 4 wonderful day trips from Kotor for most schedules and budgets!

There’s more to Montenegro

This post brings together four wonderful day trips from Kotor, because you simply have to experience more of this stone-cold stunner of a country. Luckily, because Montenegro is also a tiny country, it’s relatively easy to get out of Kotor and explore.

Day Trips from Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro, is something out of a dream

Wandering the narrow alleyways of Old Town Kotor, Montenegro, is something out of a dream. The color of the stone, the historic churches, the setting against the bay and the mountains will take your breath away. And when you’re done wandering, you can just chill out along the bay. There’s a reason why Montenegro has a saying, “Man was born tired and lives to rest”—gender politics aside, you can just feel yourself relaxing as you take in the beauty of this place. However, Montenegro has so much more to discover. Enter the day trip.

Kotor day trips for most schedules and budgets

Montenegro packs so much into such a tiny country, and you can see much of it on these day trips. From day trips and excursions along the Bay of Kotor to day trips that take you into the mountains and lakes, prepare to just get used to your jaw being on the floor. These day trips and excursions range from a few hours to all-day adventures, so there’s something here to fit most schedules and budgets.

I spent three weeks in Kotor, staying in Dobrota, so I fit all of these in with plenty of time to relax. If you have limited time, I would pick one or two of these day trips.

4 Day trips from Kotor

Without further ado, here are the four day trips from Kotor! 

A day trip to Perast

The easiest and most affordable day trip to take from Kotor will take you to nearby Perast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Bay of Kotor. You can take the bus (make sure your schedule is flexible) or take a taxi and spend as much or as little time as you’d like exploring this jewel of a Venetian town.

Nearby, but not the same

 Unlike Kotor, Perast is not a walled city, and it just glistens on the bay. Wander the back streets; take the ferry to Our Lady of the Rocks, the only human-made island on the Adriatic; and take in the waterfront. Try the pomegranate wine. There’s things to do, but I really just enjoyed walking around.

More info

For more on how to take a day trip to Perast from Kotor, check out my post. Don’t miss this one.

A speedboat tour of the Bay of Kotor

More of an excursion than a proper day trip, speedboat tours get you out on the Bay of Kotor and give you a whistle-stop visits to historic sites and a brief swim in the Blue Cave. Most take about three hours and have the added bonus of cooling you off on a hot day.

Our Lady of the Rocks and a WWII submarine tunnel

You’ll stop at Our Lady of the Rocks (you still want to take the Perast day trip, as you won’t have enough time to really explore). You’ll then venture to a World-War II submarine tunnel (with a submarine still inside it!).

Mamula Island

As you speed out of the Bay of Kotor, heading to the Blue Cave, you will pass Mamula Island, which housed a nineteenth-century prison that was commandeered by Mussolini as a concentration camp. Disturbingly, this island has become a luxury hotel.

Blue Cave

You’ll then arrive at the Blue Cave, one of several on the Adriatic. The color is a trick of the light reflecting off the sand on the bottom, but don’t think about that. Just revel in the magic. You can swim here, though do expect crowds, especially during peak times.

Consider Montenegro Submarine for your tour

There are as many speedboat tours as there are enterprising boat owners in Kotor. My Airbnb host recommended Montenegro Submarine, and so I am recommending them to you. The price is very reasonable at about €35 (note that this can fluctuate with the season). 

If you have a hard time booking online (internet can be a bit spotty on the bay), you can find them in the park heading out of Old Town toward Dobrota.

Take a day trip to Central Montenegro and see the breathtaking Rijeka Crnojevića from the Pavlova Strana View Point. Image shows a river with lily pads surrounding mountainous territory and pale blue sky

Central Montenegro tour—Lovćen, Cetinje, and Skadar

Head out of Kotor on the famed Serpentine (or take the cable car) and head into Central Montenegro on this spectacular day-trip tour with 360 Monte. You go to the top of Lovćen, the “Black Mountain” from which Montenegro got its name, where you’ll climb up to the mausoleum—it’s a lot of steps, but the view is out of this world.

Visit Montenegro’s former capital

You’ll have a stop in Cetinje, the former capital of Montenegro and learn about the country’s religious history as you visit and important monastery that’s said to have the right hand of John the Baptist and a piece of the true cross.

Skadar Lake National Park

From there, you’ll venture to the Skadar National Park region for lunch and a riverboat ride, stopping at one of the most beautiful viewpoints you’ll ever see.

Sveti Stefan

Depending on when you go, you’ll also see Sveti Stefan, the island town (that’s now a resort) for a photo stop.

More info

This tour will take you a full day. For more details on what to expect, check out my post, and check out the tour listing. Prices can fluctuate with the season, but generally runs at about $90 USD.

North Montenegro day trip tour—Durmitor, Tara Canyon, and Ostrag

This full-day tour, also with 360 Monte, to the north of Montenegro will knock your socks off. The Black Lake in Durmitor National Park will make you bust out a thesaurus for more works for astonishing. You then head to Tara Canyon, the deepest in Europe, where you’ll look down from the Đurđevića Tara Bridge, which had once been the highest bridge in Europe. The rebuilt bridge (it was deliberately bombed in World War II), has five arches and is a destination and of itself.

Not driving helps

And then you head to Ostrag, the monastery built into a cliff face that is one of the most important Serbian Orthodox sites. This is where going on a tour comes in handy—the road to Ostrag is terrifyingly thrilling. The views from the top are incredible, and you get to explore before taking the long drive back to Kotor.

More info

This day trip filled me with wonder, and I highly recommend it. It’s a very long day. For more details on what to expect, check out my post and the tour listing. The price can vary with the season, but think about $95 USD.

What’s your favorite day trip from Kotor?

Have you traveled to Kotor? Did you take one or more of these day trips? Which one was your favorite? Let us know why in the comments below!

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