Getting the Most Out of Your Trip

A travel Res Day in Dobrota, Montenegro. A bed is visible in the foreground with a light gray cover. Outside, the window with a flowing curtain, there's a mountain visible, and green water with a sailboat

15 Tips to Help You Take Better Travel Rest Days

Let’s face it—traveling can be exhausting. When we’re someplace that we’ve never been before and we have precious little time there, taking a much-needed day rest day can make us feel badly about ourselves. Travel rest days are so important, however, and here are 15 tips to make them better.

Travel Cooking: Back-Pocket Recipes & Tiny Airbnb Kitchens

Sometimes when we travel, we make tradeoffs. For this leg of my trip, I traded the convenience of a full kitchen for a killer view in an ideal location. I’ve accepted the challenge, and I’m improvising with back-pocket recipes like my Lemony Carrot Soup with Dill.

11 Can’t-Miss Touristy Things to Do in Lisbon

Don’t miss the touristy things in an effort to “live like a local.” You can get a slice of local life AND discover the reasons why destinations became popular in the first place. Lisbon has showstopping attractions that you just can’t miss. Here are 11 of my favorites. Video and detailed map included in post to help you plan your trip! Updated January 2023.