When it's deep winter, and you just crave something fresh, make Winter Citrus Salad with Honey Lime Dressing. As beautiful as it is delicious, this salad will brighten your winter days. It comes together quickly, provided you have a sharp knife. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I get a commission if you take advantage of the offer (thank you!).

Feeling better, want citrusy salad!

After a week of injury-induced takeout, I finally feel better, and I craved something fresh—salad, specifically Winter Citrus Salad with Honey Lime Dressing. I think even if I hadn’t had the week I had, I would want this. Deep winter tries the soul.

I placed my grocery order yesterday, and I loaded up my cart with blood oranges, clementines, grapefruit, and limes. Some mint and peppery arugula. There would be no Scurvy here!

Winter Citrus Salad and Winter Recipes Roundup
Salad bowl

Winter Citrus Salad, as colorful as it is delicious

Layers of colorful citrus over a small bed of arugula give punchy fresh flavors to brighten a winter day. The Honey Lime dressing balances the salad, the sweetness of the honey playing off the tartness of the citrus. Feel free to adjust the honey and lime in the dressing to your taste. Fresh mint adds even more interest. Ice and snow have nothing on Winter Citrus Salad with Honey Lime Dressing.

Winter Citrus Salad: Cut up Citrus
Once you cut up the citrus, it's pretty much done

Practice your knife skills with Winter Citrus Salad

First, make the dressing. Olive oil, the juice of a lime, and honey get shaken together. Feel free to adjust the honey and lime in the dressing to your taste—this is more honey than I would put in a regular dressing, but there’s a lot of tartness in Winter Citrus Salad.

Then prep the citrus. For the clementines and the blood oranges, this is pretty straightforward. Just use a sharp knife to remove the outer pith. The grapefruit necessitates sectioning in order to get rid of the tough membranes. I’m not particularly good at this, but I’m working on it. I found this guide to sectioning to be helpful.

If you aren’t good at it, don’t fret too much. You can layer the citrus any way that you want, and I just put the grapefruit as the bottom layer. Your salad will still look lovely, and you’ll have gotten some good practice in.

Winter Citrus Salad with Honey Lime Dressing
No Scurvy here!

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Winter Citrus Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

Winter Citrus Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

It's deep winter, and the only redeeming quality is citrus. As delicious as it is beautiful, this salad makes a perfect cold-weather dish when you just want something fresh.
If you have a sharp knife, this is fairly easy; only sectioning the grapefruit presents challenge (I'll admit that I need more practice here). If you aren't great a sectioning grapefruit, never fear, just add them to the bottom layer, and no one will be the wiser. You can adjust the dressing to your taste, but remember that there's a lot of tart going on in the salad.
You'll have leftover dressing. It will keep for a couple of days in the fridge (maybe make a second salad?).
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Salad
Cuisine American
Servings 2


For the Honey-Lime Dressing

  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 1 lime, juiced to taste
  • 1 tbsp honey to taste

For the salad

  • 1 handful arugula leaves
  • 1 small grapefruit, sectioned
  • 2 small blood oranges, outer pith removed and sliced
  • 3 clementines, outer pith removed and sliced,
  • 3 mint leaves, cut into ribbon
  • flaky sea salt optional


Make the Honey-Lime Dressing

  • Add the olive oil to a mason jar with lid. Shake vigorously until bubbles form
  • Add the lime juice to the olive oil and shake vigorously to combine. Then add the honey and shake again to combine. You'll need to shake it again before serving.

Assemble the Salad

  • Add the arugula leaves to the bowl
    Citrus Salad with Honey Lime Dressing add arugula to bowl
  • Layer the citrus fruit on top of the greens. Top with dressing. Sprinkle the mint, and add sea salt (if desired)
    Winter Citrus Salad with Honey Lime Dressing



For help sectioning a grapefruit, I found this instruction helpful (I still need more practice!). 
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