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Let’s get this summer started!

Happy Friday, Friends! Here in the US, we have the unofficial kickoff to summer with Memorial Day Weekend, and I am ready for it. In New Hampshire, it’s going to get to 29C/85F on Sunday, and I shall be going swimming (or gasping for air in freezing cold water, but you know what I mean). I miss a lot of things about Boston, but summer isn’t one of them.

The week in posts

After a long hiatus as I updated Wonder & Sundry, we’re back to full posting strength! It feels good to hit “Publish” so often. I hope you’re enjoying reading. If you want to make sure that you never miss anything (and get all kinds of goodies), be sure to subscribe!

Travel—21 Amazing Things to Do in Split, Croatia

Now I really need to go back—recapping so many wonderful activities in that incredible city made me really miss it. From sunsets on the sea to scampering up to a medieval hermitage, and marveling at Roman architecture, it was hard to stop at 21.

Eat—Strawberry Tarragon Popsicles

Early summer means strawberries, and this easy recipe absolutely sings of summer. If you love strawberries, you need to make these. The tarragon brings out the flavor of these tart and just sweet-enough pops. They can’t be simpler (ok, the straining is a pain, but it’s over quickly), and they are just so good.

Speaking of summer, the Summer Recipes roundup continuously updates as new recipes get added, so be sure to bookmark it.

Sundry Wonders—Everything Is Possible

As you know if you’ve been reading along, springtime is my favorite time of year, but it’s always had an edge of sadness for me, because I know that it doesn’t last (indeed, we’re already looking to summer). I used to be afraid of feeling the wonder of this time of year, because that sadness loomed, but I’ve learned as I’ve grown older to accept that change is part of life and to sit with the sadness.

I’m also sitting with the question Now what? as I approach the anniversary of making such a monumental life decision. Instead of rushing to fill the void, I’m trying to have patience.

Live—Re-learning How to Work

If there’s something I have accomplished this season, it’s been to re-learn how to work deeply. I’d lost the ability somewhere along the way on how to monotask and focus. I’ve found it again, and the answer for me actually lies in Zoom meetings. Yes, I’m serious. I’m actually writing this note to you during one. Wonders never cease.


  • Travel—Tips for Taking Your First Solo Trip: While solo travel has become increasingly common, I still get a lot of questions about traveling alone from people who are interested in trying it but aren’t sure how. These are things I think about before planning a trip.
  • Eat—An old-fashioned hot-weather dessert that’s perfect for summer (no heat required).
  • Rituals & Habits—An update on a game I talked about in one of my very first posts. The update helps to connect day-to-day activities with our larger goals and dreams.
  • Sundry Wonders—What I’m thinking about while walking with Ollie.

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