What a Wonderful Week recaps the week in posts and shares tidbits and things of interest from the week that was. A bit of a lemon, this week. We made lemonade (literally).

Well, goodness, that was a bit of a lemon week

Between the wildfire smoke (thankfully not so bad here) and the cold and the rain, we had a bit of a lemon as far as weeks go here in New England. I’m writing this wearing long sleeves on this gray morning—not my ideal June attire!

So I suppose making literal lemonade this week was in order, as was remembering a lovely day trip to Perast, Montenegro (you really need to go!). We can make our own sunshine, I suppose.

I do hope that you have had clear skies and sunshine this week, and if you live in an area affected by the wildfires that you were able to stay safe.


I’ll admit that most of my reading week was spent on anticipating Trump’s indictment and Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters from an American (highly recommended if you’re interested in the historical context of US politics and aren’t already subscribing).


I’ve also been distracting myself with Instagram. Here’s some accounts I follow:

  • My dear college friend Julia from Overyummed is traveling in Europe from Singapore and recounting her travels on Instagram, and I am vicariously on vacation through her.
  • I’m also following Carla & Alan’s trip through the Balkans on whereonplanetearth.
  • On a more disturbing note, Olia Hercules is posting on the devastating war in Ukraine and has recommended supporting the Legacy of War

The week in posts

Here’s the latest from the W&S blog.

Eat: Lavender Lemonade

As this week was a bit of a lemon, so here’s a lemonade recipe. Lavender Lemonade brings you summer in a glass. Tart, floral, and just sweet enough, this is an easy recipe that you can serve by the glass or pitcher (or in a gin cocktail). My method for making lemonade combines a bunch of different techniques, and I think it makes for a lovely and refreshing drink. Cheers to clearer days!

Travel: Take a Day Trip to Perast, Montenegro, from Kotor

Tiny little Perast has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. To my mind, the best thing to do is wander the back streets and take yourself back in time. Don’t miss the ferry out to Our Lady of the Rocks, one of the gems of the bay. This is just about the easiest day trip you can take from Kotor, and it’s a must.

Live: 9 Easy Tasks to Make Coming Home from a Trip SO Much Better

Tis vacation season, and so I thought that I’d pass along what I’ve learned to make coming home after a trip less stressful. There’s a checklist for you to help keep you organized.

Sundry Wonders: It Was Me

I didn’t know at the time that the weird haze came from wildfire smoke, but I did know that I’d definitely earned a couple of miserable days by putting away my winter clothes! Perhaps I will start leaving them out year-round. Not a ton of photos this week, but I did see some lovely irises in the rain.


And here’s what’s coming up next!

  • Travel: If you’re headed to Dubrovnik, Croatia, this summer, don’t miss Kotor! The bus trip in and of itself is a feast for the eyes. I’ll have some suggestions on what to do in Kotor if you’re making a quick trip and some tips for how to make the journey easier.
  • Eat: An easy recipe for a summer drink that I’ve loved in Europe but have never seen in the US. I think it should be way more popular than it is, so I’m going to do my part.
  • Live (and also Travel): Continuing on the home/travel theme, I’ll share some things that I’ve learned about feeling at home when I travel.
  • Sundry Wonders: The skies promise to clear up, and so hopefully Ollie and I will get out for better walks in the coming days.

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