Autumn is when we pare down to what is essential. It's a good time to ponder how you would answer one of your big life questions.
autumn foliage
Welcome, Autumn

Last day of summer

Yesterday, the last day of summer, was not a great day, and, to be honest, I have had a number of not-great days in the past months.

I am grateful for a rituals practice that involves long walks (and a reminder to practice gratitude), a family who listened to me, an ice cream truck with Orange Freezes, and a dear one who came to rescue me for scratch tickets and dinner at Shy Bird

With autumn comes change: Asking big questions

Today is the first day of autumn. With crisp mornings, apples, and glorious, leaves (and cider, and cider donuts—I’m from New England, I could go on), comes change. A time to turn inward, pare to the essentials.

big questions
My current big question

I posted about big questions some months back. I still have my cards scattered throughout my apartment, and I switch them up a bit. I created a new one this past summer, inspired by a group that I’m a part of: What does Yes! look like?

Every morning I’ve look at it. Some days, it’s a glance before I set it aside. Other days I picked up the card and stare at it. What does it look like? What is it that I really want?

Today I’m taking a mental health day, and then I’m dedicating my autumn to making that life happen. What is on for your autumn?

What are your rituals?

A rituals practice can ground you when life happens. Check out Balance for ideas for how to create yours.