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Finding wonder in a difficult time

In my weekly note to subscribers, I wrote about finding our wonder and using it as a source of strength in times like this. We need to find joy and wonder, or we will shut down.

And, so, in the interest of not shutting down, and, because it’s the start of a holiday weekend here in the US, I’m asking you to share something good that happened to you in this past week.

For me, I had a moment with a sunset. We’d had a dreary day earlier this week—the kind when you need a nap instead of the task at hand. It rained all day until just before night, when, the sky cleared just enough for a spectacular sunset. It looked like hope. I’ll take it.

My youngest niece also called me just to tell me that she loved me (and also that she loves amusement park rides). This isn’t a regular occurrence, which made it all the more special to me.

So, what good thing happened to you?


Talk about a good week for a little fiction. I started reading Emma Straub’s This Time Tomorrow. I’m only in the first couple of chapters, but I’m finding myself nodding in recognition already. I am curious about how she’ll handle the time travel angle, and I’ll keep you focused.


I paused my posting schedule last week, a bit overcome by the news. So, this will look familiar.

Travel: The Wonder & Sundry Guide to Lisbon goes live on Saturday! In addition to the map, we’ll also have neighborhood guides with recommendations of things to eat and experience while you’re there. I’m so excited to share more about one of my favorite cities with you. This guide is exclusive to subscribers, so get on it and subscribe now if you haven’t already!

Eat I got a bit inspired by Joy the Baker’s single-serve crostata that I shared in the Summer Recipe Roundup. It might be a bit too hot to bake the galette I’ve been planning in my mind. If I don’t do that, I will most definitely do something fun and summery.

See We’ll have a more traditional Sundry Wonders post this week, with a photo gallery and a meditation, but we’re going to move this to Tuesday during Summer Hours.

Find your wonder, friends. It’s how we overcome.

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