Sundry Wonders is a regular Wonder & Sundry feature sharing a photo gallery and mediation, usually based on my walks. Today I had no Zooms.

Today is January 3, and I had no Zooms

In my mind, I’ve looked forward to this day ever since I handed in my official notice in May. Today was the real day when it would count. Every year, I’d collapse over the holidays, get sort of back to feeling human again, and then WHAM!

The Zooms would start again.

Today I had no Zooms.

There’s crap, to be sure. Lots of it at the moment, actually (all will be well, but it’s not well right now). But I didn’t have any Zooms.

I spent the day working in silence on things that matter to me, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

Today is January 3, and I had no Zooms.

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