Sundry Wonders presents a photo gallery and meditation, often based on my walks. I spied green shoots growing from the bricks. Life will out.

Life will out

I love those little plants that grow out of pavement, stubborn, a flag that nature planted. “I’m still here. Life will out,” the unfurled leaves proclaim.

This week, I saw one and bent down to get a closer look of the multiple shoots coming out of the brick. A maple seed lay strewn beside, hoping for acceptance. I found hope in it, perhaps the fool’s hope of the maple seed, but still tenacious. I am still here, still growing.

Elsewhere, spring fades into summer, the skies here still mostly gray, though occasionally a reminder of blue. It feels a bit like that no-time, when it’s hard to know the season or the day. The year. Looking down, spring flowers fading mark the passage of time. They made fade, but life will out.


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