Sundry Wonders is a weekly column featuring a photo gallery and meditation, usually based around my daily walks. This week, I journeyed from New Hampshire to Montenegro! I’d love to hear about and see what you experienced this week. Let me know in the comments!

From New Hampshire to Montenegro

Good morning from Kotor, Montenegro, where I’m sitting on a terrace, overlooking the Bay of Kotor, toward the mountains. In other words, greetings from a dream come true.

This morning, I watched the moon set as the sun just touched the top of a peak. A few walkers with their dogs (I miss Ollie) passed by. A guy on his fishing boat staked a spot and smoked a cigarette.

Over the next hour, the sun descended down the mountains to the village across the bay, and then the whole bay lit up. I held my hands to keep from clapping. The fisherman laid down his nets, coming back a few minutes later with a tool to slap the water and stir the fish up into his net (it did not appear that this met with success, as I didn’t see any fish as he raised the net).

I moved into the shade. This morning I feel like myself again, the jet lag a memory, my shoulders nearly recovered from carrying a heavy pack through airports, bus terminals, and finally, the twenty minutes I needed to walk with the pack and my suitcase (three months is a long time not to check a bag, but I cursed it) to get to where I’m staying after a misunderstanding with a gruff cab driver. That last walk nearly did me in, hot sweaty, exhausted, but the beauty of the bay sustained me. I arrived at my final destination a sweaty mess, but ten minutes later, I was swimming in the Bay of Kotor.

Four days ago, I woke up in New Hampshire. I flew to London and then to Dubrovnik. I then took a bus along the Adriatic and the mountains to Kotor. I traveled to my dreams.

In a few minutes, I’m going to head into Kotor’s Old Town, and then I’m going swimming. Until then, snaps.


Snaps from my journey, Dubrovnik (quick stop), the bus ride from Dubrovnik to Kotor, and a few from Kotor. There are so many more from my stunning accommodation, but I’ll share ones around where I’m staying once I leave.