Spring changes the light, the first flowers and leaves greet it. Even buildings come alive. Trees, still winter twisted, but you can almost see them waking up. With the changing light, I always feel more hope, and sometimes a twinge sadness over losing winter’s coziness and restrictions. I got my first vaccine dose this week, and so I also feel this hope and sadness much more immediately.

Renewed life inspires, and yet I already grieve for the strange magic I’ve created in this strange, prolonged winter. I’ve come to love the stillness, the stripped down essentialness of life in this time.

I circled a day in May on the calendar—the day I can rejoin the world filled with leaves and flowers. And humanity. I wonder who I will be in this changed world. I wonder what of this quiet world will remain with me.

I hope. I grieve. I change with the light.

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