A few Montréal highlights (thus far)!

Montréal is fantastique!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about food & drink (and there’s much to share), but today I thought that I’d share some other highlights. So much to see and do!

Open streets in Le Plateau / Mont-Royal

My friend and I have called the Le Plateau/Mont-Royal neighborhood home during our stay, and I can’t recommend it more. This area boasts streets closed off to cars (Mont-Royal being the biggest) and open to people. Everywhere people sit outside in cafes and restaurants and public benches.

This creates a relaxing and celebratory feel, with people out and about strolling. I absolutely love it.

Gorgeous architecture

It is beautiful here, and so very different from the states. It’s a feast for the eyes.

Street art

Montreal boasts gorgeous murals and street art everywhere.

Green Alleyways (Ruelle Verte)

On a food tour, we learned about the green alleys, which are reclaimed spaces behind the homes. Residents vote to create a more inviting and ecofriendly space where they can gather and play. I’ve since found a few close to here and explored them. One leads to the back of Saint-John Baptiste church.

Exploring Green Alleyways is one of the more unique things to do in Montréal. The image has an alleyway between two rows of houses. It has a street lamp, greenery, and a pathway for pedestrians

So much more to come. A bien tôt!