Happy Summer, Northern Hemisphere! As we move into a new season, I thought that I'd share my favorite moments from spring. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I get a commission if you take advantage of the offer (thank you!).

Happy Summer, Northern Hemisphere!

Wow. Spring flew by for me—did it for you? One minute, I was dreaming up possibilities, and the next, I’m on the verge of making them happen. I’ll write more about my biggest decision, quite possibly of my life, in the coming weeks (if you didn’t read Saturday’s Travel post, catch up there).

For today’s quick post, I thought that I’d look back on my favorite tidbits from spring. I love spring, new life, the return of color, and all the light. I don’t even mind the pollen allergies, the dazzling display makes me so happy!

Favorite posts

In Travel, how to beat beautiful Sintra, Portugal, the magical day trip that actually needs at least two days? Look for the Wonder & Sundry Guide to Lisbon coming Saturday! Subscribe now for access!

If Sintra is a day trip that needs two days, my favorite  Eat is split into savory and sweet. Hurry Up Spring Minestrone is so good, and you can still make it now on a cooler day, just with more fresh veggies! And, Spiced Lemon-Lime Sorbet is just so unbelievably good. I may need to make another batch today.

For sheer wonder in See, the Sundry Wonders from Sundry Wanders post from April just before another Covid wave hit makes me smile. For inspiring a writing idea, my walk with my ghosts on Boston’s Esplanade also ranks among my favorites.

When’s the last time you took yourself out on a date? That post, along with launching the Happily Single hub rank among my favorites in Balance.

And, because our world needs our action, in Engage, creating a sustainable activism habit is something that I have gotten out of work this spring.

Favorite Reads

A confession: I am a not as far ahead of my reading goal as I hoped to be (I am right on track), but I’m pleased with what I have read. It’s hard to pick a favorite, so I’m going to split it into fiction and non-fiction (I’m really cheating with this, aren’t I?).

For fiction, it’s a hard call, but since I actually hugged it when I finished reading it, Sea of Tranquility by Emily St John Mandel wins. If you haven’t read it, do, and then tell me that you did so that we can discuss.

For nonfiction, No One Tells You This resonated with me and helped to inspire the Happily Childfree post.

Onward to summer!

This week, I’m making plans to tackle my Boston Bucket List and for the next exciting chapter of my life. Thank you so much for coming along with me this spring, and stay tuned for what’s in store for the summer here on Wonder & Sundry!

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