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Is Croatia Safe for Solo Travelers in 2024?

One of the first questions solo travelers ask is whether or not a country is safe to visit. Croatia is no exception, but you might be surprised at just how safe Croatia is for solo travelers and solo female travelers. I draw from my own experience as a solo female traveler visiting Croatia for two months, as well as recent safety data on Croatia.
A travel Res Day in Dobrota, Montenegro. A bed is visible in the foreground with a light gray cover. Outside, the window with a flowing curtain, there's a mountain visible, and green water with a sailboat

15 Tips to Help You Take Better Travel Rest Days

Let’s face it—traveling can be exhausting. When we’re someplace that we’ve never been before and we have precious little time there, taking a much-needed day rest day can make us feel badly about ourselves. Travel rest days are so important, however, and here are 15 tips to make them better.
View out the airplane window en rout from London to the Balkans. Airplane wing in view, clouds, and sunset.

Book an Airport  Hotel Room by the Hour for Your Next Long Layover

Let’s face it: Long layovers are the worst, and sometimes, leaving the airport really isn’t an option. I had one such layover recently, and I discovered that some airport hotels book rooms by the hour. You can save money over the hotel’s standard rate, check in when you need to, and, especially when the hotel is right in the terminal, you can just turn up when it’s time to board your flight. While not exactly cheap, it’s a little luxury that can make a hard travel day much more manageable. Here’s how to find one and tips for booking.

What to Pack for the Balkans in Autumn? My Best Picks

What to pack, what to pack, what to pack? As packing the right things can make or break a trip, I thought that I’d share the items that I used most often on my nearly three-month trip to the Balkans (September, October, November). Autumn is a perfect time to head to the Balkans, with fewer crowds and lovely weather, but you might be surprised by what you'll need. Updated with FREE packing list template!
Hvar, Croatia, as seen from the water

PSA: Croatia Joins the Schengen Zone and Adopts Euro January 2023—What It Means For You

Starting 1 January 2023, Croatia will adopt the Euro currency and join the Schengen Zone. The latter in particular has important implications for long-term travel for those living outside the Schengen Zone. Helpful information to help you plan for your Croatia travel after 1 January 2023. This is meant as a PSA and not as a replacement for trusted government sources.