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Taking that first solo trip can fill you with wonder. A woman in a red polka-dot dress with a backpack on a narrow stone alley in Split, Croatia

Your First Solo Trip: 13 Things to Consider When Planning

Planning your first solo trip? Hurrah! You will have such a great time! Here are 13 things to consider as you plan your first solo trip to help you make decisions that will lead to a wonderful experience. FREE trip planning guide!
A culinary adventure in the shadow of Klis fortress, book through Airbnb Experiences. The feast included charcuterie garnished with age leaves, homemade cheese, peppers, and other delights, served on a board

Food & Travel: How to Plan Your Culinary Adventure

What's the best part of travel? FOOD! Plan your culinary adventure with helpful tips on where to find the best places to feast. FREE planner for subscribers! This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I get a commission if you take advantage of the offer (thank you!).

Is Croatia Safe for Solo Travelers in 2024?

One of the first questions solo travelers ask is whether or not a country is safe to visit. Croatia is no exception, but you might be surprised at just how safe Croatia is for solo travelers and solo female travelers. I draw from my own experience as a solo female traveler visiting Croatia for two months, as well as recent safety data on Croatia.