Make Activism a Sustainable Habit

How do we keep up the fight for change when it’s all just too much? How do we make activism a sustainable habit? A simple approach I’ve started doing just might work. Join me?

Enough: We Need Gun Control NOW

Until we decide to do something about it, gun violence will continue. We deserve better. Take action.
Sunshot red leaves

We Must Do Better. I Must Do Better

Another mass shooting, fueled by white supremacy and abetted by a failure to enact gun reform. We must do better. I must do better. Actions to take today and going forward.
Safety and Solo Female Travel Barri Gotic

21 Helpful Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler

Fears surrounding safety are the number one reason why many women do not travel solo. I’m here to tell you that it’s entirely possible to have a joyful—and safe!—solo female travel experience, provided that we adhere to some common-sense principles. While I can’t promise that nothing bad will befall you, following these 21 helpful safety tips will certainly help you have a safe trip.
My So-Called Selfish Life

My So-Called Selfish Life: Childfree Documentary!

My So-Called Selfish Life, a documentary currently making the festival circuit, examines and celebrates the decision to live a childfree life. A brief rave review, and also announcing the Happily Single Hub on Wonder & Sundry.
Choices: Cherry Blossom on the ground

What a Week: Choices

What a Wonderful Week is a weekly Wonder & Sundry feature with tidbits from the week that was. It's hard to celebrate some weeks, especially ones that threaten our choices. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I get a commission if you take advantage of the offer.