Daily Writing Practice, Dobrota, Montenegro. Foreground of image shows my journal set up for my daily writing practice, on an outdoor table with a cup of coffee. In the distance, there are mountains and the bay of Kotor

How to Start a Daily Writing Practice When You Haven’t Written in Ages

How do you start writing again when you haven’t written a thing in forever? Starting a daily writing practice can feel intimidating. Avoid the dreaded blank page with this simple exercise and get writing again. Free template to help you get started! This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I get a commission if you take advantage of the offer (thank you!).
Return of the waves after winter on Lake Winnisquam. Image shows a gray, cloudy sky and rough water, after the ice has melted.

Sundry Wonders: Return of the Waves

Sundry Wonders presents a photo gallery and meditation, usually based on my walks. After a season of stillness, the return of the waves.
D16 is one of the best cafes to work from in Split, Croatia

Cafés to Work from in Split, Croatia: 3 Favorites

Croatia has an amazing café culture, and Split is no exception. As we know, however, not every café is the spot to pull out your laptop and start working. Here are three cafés in Split that I loved working from, and you will, too. Post includes a map.
An image of snow, fallen brown leaves, green growth, and acorns. Everything at once, in other words

Sundry Wonders: Everything All at Once

Sundry Wonders presents photography and a meditation, usually based on my walks. This week, I’ve needed to tend to my busy mind before I can act with intention, instead of false urgency.

Sundry Wonders: No Zooms

Sundry Wonders is a regular Wonder & Sundry feature sharing a photo gallery and mediation, usually based on my walks. Today I had no Zooms.