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The Grave of Paul David von Vakanovich

What if your Airbnb was haunted?


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My first day in Zagreb, I noticed what appeared to be an elevated gravestone opposite the front door leading into the courtyard. At first I didn’t think much of it, but it began to creep me out. The grave is that of a four-year-old boy, Paul David von Vakanovich, who died in 1818.
I had no idea of the story behind this place when I looked up Demetrova 3 to find out the graceful building’s history. Lo and behold, this grave is one of Zagreb’s eerie legends! This boy has been called a vampire, or the victim of child sacrifice of the witches of Gric. One delivery driver told me that he’d heard of this place, and said that the grave was something he and his friends had always wanted to see.

The real story is less eerie and more sad, the remains of a boy transported with a family when they moved to the building and kept close by. I can still say, though, that the entryway was more than a little bit creepy.

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The Details


Demetrova ulica 3, Zagreb, Croatia



Know Before You Go

You won’t be able to see the grave itself unless you are a resident of the building (or staying at the Airbnb), but you could take a snap of the front door.

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