St Mark's Church and Markov Square. THe church has scaffolding around it, and there is a fence in front of the church, as it is now off limits. The pavers cover graves and the square is part of Haunted Zagreb



Upper Town

Religious Location

St Mark’s Church (Crkva sv Markov)

Zagreb’s famous tiled-roof church!


Why You'll Love It

Have you ever set your heart on seeing something and then had those hopes dashed?

I’m still a bit mad about St. Mark’s Church in Zagreb. The famous church with the tiled roof shows up in all the photos, and I was staying just around the corner.

Alas, between the earthquake damage (it is being repaired), and the decision of the government to put up ugly metal gates around it and to use the grounds as a parking lot, it’s really a bit of a letdown.

Still, you should definitely check it out, as the roof is intact, and it is still stunning.

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The Details


St Mark's Square, Zagreb, Croatia



Know Before You Go

The paving stones cover an old cemetery, said to be haunted. Maybe all the cars parked there are being visited by spirits

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