Zagreb Cafés often have branded coffee cups, like the one here in Kavana Palinovka, with a painting of a woman with rainbow hair. A water glass is visible on the table, and in the background, yellow walls and patrons are visible



Upper Town


Kavana Palainovka

One of the oldest cafés in Zagreb

Highly Recommended

Why You'll Love It

Kavana Palanovka has a lovely terrace.One of the oldest cafés in Zagreb, you’ll find it just below the Zagreb City Museum and Observatory, both popular tourist spots, but it’s slightly secluded location makes it popular with locals as well.

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The Details


Kavana Palainovka, Ilirski trg, Zagreb, Croatia



Know Before You Go

It’s a nice spot for writing, though I’d suggest having a hotspot for any online work.
Also, if you’re sitting on the terrace, you’ll see Ilirski trg, one of the spots included in Haunted Zagreb.

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