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Take a Boston Walk! North End, Greenway, and Chinatown

This is the walk I take friends on when they come to visit me in Boston. Two historic neighborhoods, connected by a unique urban park. Also, snacks! This is a premium post for Wonder & Sundry subscribers and features a custom Google Map to guide you on your way. Not a subscriber? Sign up today (it's free)!
Promenade Plantée

La Promenade Plantée: A Gem of a Park in Paris

La Promenade Plantée (known more formally as the Coulée Verte René-Dumont), a gorgeous, yet under-the-radar, park tops my list of recommendations for unique spots in Paris. This 4.5 km walk along a reclaimed 19th century viaduct inspired New York's Highline. If you've seen Before Sunset, this will look familiar to you.

A Good Day

Nothing special There was nothing special about today. Except everything. Last night I met up