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How to Pack Your Carry-on Essentials For a Good Flight

How to pack your carry-on essentials so that breeze through security and have everything you need when you need it. Free packing list for subscribers! This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I earn a small commission for a qualifying purchase (thank you!).

Global Entry: Apply Now, Breeze Through Customs Later

If you don’t already have Global Entry, it will change your traveling life. Your days of waiting in long lines at US Customs or going through long security lines are over. The application process can take a long time these days, so apply now and you’ll be set when it’s wheels up. Here's what you need to know to apply today. Already have Global Entry? I know you love it—let us know how much and share any tips in the comments! This post may contain an affiliate link, meaning that I get a commission if you take advantage of the offer (thank you!).
I could afford to travel to Portugal with travel rewards from my Venture Card

How I Afford to Travel: Money & Miles

How do people afford to travel? Want to go one of those vacations like you see on Instagram but you don’t have thousands stashed in the bank? Never ye fret. With a combination of an easy savings plan and taking advantage of travel rewards cards (and once in a blue moon letting myself get bumped), I can afford to travel far and wide without breaking my budget, and you can, too. Special offer included below!