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valpariso, Miramar

Valparíso, Chile: A Day Trip Full of Street Art and Poetry

Valparíso, Chile, is a feast for the eyes, and filled with poetry for the soul. The glory of this historic port city, once the one of the wealthiest cities in South America, has faded, but the vibrant street art scene, born out of resistance to the brutal right-wing Pinochet regime, makes this a must-do day trip if you find yourself in Santiago. Updated post with info for solo female travel, a detailed map to help you get where you need to go, and video to inspire your trip!
Lost in Lisbon

Travelogue: Getting Lost in Lisbon

Do you ever get lost (on purpose) when you travel? It's one of my favorite things to do. I have an especially fond memory of getting lost in Lisbon on the second day of my trip. That wander I took allowed me to see some of the "real Lisbon," something I would have missed out on had I stuck to well-traveled paths.