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Lost in Lisbon

Travelogue: Getting Lost in Lisbon

Do you ever get lost (on purpose) when you travel? It's one of my favorite things to do. I have an especially fond memory of getting lost in Lisbon on the second day of my trip. That wander I took allowed me to see some of the "real Lisbon," something I would have missed out on had I stuck to well-traveled paths.
Promenade Plantée

La Promenade Plantée: A Gem of a Park in Paris

La Promenade Plantée (known more formally as the Coulée Verte René-Dumont), a gorgeous, yet under-the-radar, park tops my list of recommendations for unique spots in Paris. This 4.5 km walk along a reclaimed 19th century viaduct inspired New York's Highline. If you've seen Before Sunset, this will look familiar to you.
Antic Teatre, Barcelona

Hidden Gem: The Bar at Antic Teatre, Barcelona

Of all the cool spots I’ve stumbled upon over the years, whether close to home or in my travels, none brings such a smile to my face as memories of the bar at the Antic Teatre in the El Born district in Barcelona. After a hectic first day wandering around the very touristy Barri Gótic, the laid back vibe of this secret garden was a joy to find. It illustrates a fundamental principle of travel, especially solo travel: Be brave, throw out your guidebook (sometimes), and just follow the locals.
Vappu, Kaivopuisto

Vappu in Helsinki: Finland Comes Out to Party

Vappu, or the First of May celebration in Finland, is something to experience. Vappu in Helsinki kicks off on April 30 (also known as Vappuaatto, or Vappu Eve) with a raucous donning of a graduation cap on a statue that I think the entire country comes out to watch. The celebration continues the next day with a giant picnic in Kaivopuisto, a lovely park near where I stayed. Vappu remains one of my top travel memories. Now updated with tips for planning your trip!
Carrer de la Victòria, Barri La Ribera, Barcelona

A Slow Weekend in Barri La Ribera, Barcelona

I don’t know what’s inspired me to write about a slow weekend in Barri La Ribera, Barcelona. Maybe it’s because it’s finally warm out, which puts me in the mood for the plates I ate there. Or maybe I’m in need of a rest and to restore to the sense of calm and contentment. Yesterday I had a little meal that recalled one I’d had in my flat that included the famous jamón ibérico de bellota. If we can’t travel, we can cook (or, in this case, not cook).