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Apple Crisp

I Organized My Spices and Made Apple Crisp

Is there anything better than homemade apple crisp on an autumn evening? Maybe the joy that comes with an organized spice rack? I’ve been on an organization kick of late, and to celebrate a simple solution to my spice organization woes, I baked up an apple crisp. Illustrated recipe included.
Small Bedroom Orgniazation

Organizing My Small Bedroom Made Me Feel Loved

I tried the Marie Kondo method (well, ish, anyway) to organize my small bedroom, and it didn't just help free up space. Going through my things reminded me of people I love and who love me, great trips, and it also helped me to let go of some things that no longer serve me. I thought it was a bit silly before, but I now recommend it. Have you tried it before?
Vintage pink and black bathroom

Small Spaces: My Vintage Pink and Black Bathroom

My small-space vintage pink and black bathroom makes me want black feather heeled slippers, a lacy robe, and perhaps a cigarette holder. Also a perfect bouffant. It’s really something, my loo. When you have a rental, you have two choices with such a retro bathroom: try to hide it, or go with it. I’m 100% in. This post contains an affiliate link, which means that I get a discount if you take advantage of the offer.