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Image shows a mango paleta with Tajin and Chamoy, sprinkled with more Tajin. The paleta is held in a hand in a backyard looking at a fence and maple trees, with a barn visible in the background

Mango Paletas with Tajin & Chamoy

Spicy-sweet Mango Paletas with Tajin & Chamoy are a refreshing Mexican treat that’s easy to make and perfect for summer!
ingredients for Strawberry Tarragon popsicles, including strawberries, lemon slices, and tarragon sprigs, next to a metal posicle mold on a wooden surface.

Strawberry Tarragon Popsicles: Summer in a Pop

Kickoff summer with these delicious Strawberry Tarragon Popsicles! Tart, sweet, and with a whisper of tarragon, these treats are summer in pop form. Best enjoyed outside! This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I get a commission if you take advantage of the offer (thank you!).
Lavender fudgesicles. The image shows a dark chocolate lavender fudgesicle with a bite taken out of it. In the background there is a weathered gray stockade fence and yellow flowers in the foreground. It's a sunny day.

Lavender Fudgesicles: Nostalgia Grows Up

Let’s get nostalgic and make fudgesicles! This super-easy, small-batch recipe kicks things up a notch with lavender for a decidedly adult twist on the classic treat. A singular ice cream cone at my favorite shop in Split inspired this recipe.
Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream serving suggestion with whipped cream and coffee. A Vietnamese coffee phin is in the background.

Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

Beat the heat with Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream. Intense Vietnamese robusta coffee transforms coffee ice cream into something bold and absolutely delicious. Based on David Lebovitz's wonderful coffee ice cream recipe.
Spiced Lemon-Lime Sorbet

Spiced Lemon-Lime Sorbet Beats the Heat

Beat the heat with this tart and spicy sorbet, a twist on a traditional lemon sorbet. A simple trick gets it oh-so-smooth without the beaten egg white often called for in lemon sorbets. Bring out the ginger and cardamom in the syrup with an overnight rest in the fridge. Use any leftover syrup as a mixer! You’ll be making Spiced Lemon-Lime Sorbet on repeat this summer!