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D16 is one of the best cafes to work from in Split, Croatia

Cafés to Work from in Split, Croatia: 3 Favorites

Croatia has an amazing café culture, and Split is no exception. As we know, however, not every café is the spot to pull out your laptop and start working. Here are three cafés in Split that I loved working from, and you will, too. Post includes a map.
Zagreb Cafés often have branded coffee cups, like the one here in Kavana Palinovka, with a painting of a woman with rainbow hair. A water glass is visible on the table, and in the background, yellow walls and patrons are visible

Zagreb Cafés and Café Culture (with Map)

Zagreb’s café culture is one of Europe’s best, rivaling that of Paris and Vienna. This post includes an overview of Zagreb café culture as well as several of my favorite Zagreb cafés from around the city. Use the detailed map on the go and in planning your trip!
La Belle Equipe

La Belle Équipe, Paris, October 2015

In October 2015, I stayed just around the corner from La Belle Équipe, and I went there regularly on my Paris trip. One of the waitresses made an impression on me. Not all travel stories are happy ones. A 13 November 2015 remembrance. Content Warning: Violence.

A Good Day

Nothing special There was nothing special about today. Except everything. Last night I met up