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The Sicilian Inheritance

The Sicilian Inheritance, by Jo Piazza

Be prepared to stay up all night fighting the temptation to book a trip to Sicily (perhaps even against your better judgment) with this page turner of a book set in two different timelines. Following the death of her dear great aunt Rosie, Sara embarks on a trip to Sicily, ostensibly to see if an old deed was still worth anything. However, upon arriving, Sara learns that her aunt really wanted her to investigate the murder of her mother, Serafina, back in the 1920s. Was it the mafia? Was it her jealous husband? Or maybe even her best friend, Serafina Forte had become a cautionary tale in the tiny village of her youth.

A tale of the lives women make for themselves in a world dominated by men, by a storyteller who evokes Sicily’s landscape in all of its facets, the Sicilian Inheritance will leave you breathless. Please read it so that we can discuss in detail!

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