Headed to Split, Croatia (or just thinking about it)? You need this roundup with a free travel guide, blog posts, and other resources for planning your trip!

Let’s go to wonderful Split, Croatia!

Wonderful Split!  In this roundup I’ve gathered everything that I’ve posted about Split on the blog, practical advice for traveling to Split, and my Wonder & Sundry Guide to Split, Croatia, which has everything, and I mean everything, I loved from my month in the city. Let’s go to Split!

Diocletian’s Palace became the city of Split

Chosen by the Roman Emperor Diocletian for his retirement palace near the city of Salona, in 293 CE, what is today Split grew up around his palace. You wouldn’t know from the relaxed pace of the place now, but much of its history was turbulent, changing rulers every few centuries, through World War II and culminating with the breakup of the former Yugoslavia in the late 1990s.

Croatia’s second-largest city

Today, Split is Croatia’s second largest city after the capital (and fierce football rival) Zagreb. The heart of the city remains the historic center around the palace, but a thoroughly modern city has grown up around it. Next time I’m there, I’m planning on spending more time outside the center.

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Split Roundup

What I loved about Split

I spent a month in Split as the middle leg of a three-month journey in the Balkans. I loved the lived-in history surrounding Diocletian’s Palace and that so much of it was absolutely free to experience. I loved how locals tease. And the food. You’ll eat well in Split.

Split invites you to slow down

However, what I loved most was the invitation to just slow down. The people in Split don’t hustle. They stroll. They sit in cafés and bars for hours, and you should do likewise. I made a tradition out of wandering down to the Riva and having a sunset beer on the water. While I saw a lot in my time in Split, I never felt rushed. My shoulders still relax whenever I think of it.

Split, Croatia, roundup!

Know Before You Go—Split

What’s the weather like? The food? When should I go? Am I supposed to tip? What kind of plugs again? Do I need a visa? Shots? How do I get around? Is this place safe? What about solo travel?

These questions and more included in Know Before You Go to Split! Think of it as your cheat sheet to help you with your planning and to get you excited to go!

Split blog posts roundup

Here’s what I loved the most about Split. Where applicable, blog posts include detailed information about what to expect, including solo travel and accessibility information, annotated maps and more.

Recipes inspired by Split travel!

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