Well, winter has arrived. Stave off the existential dread by cooking delicious food. This post features winter recipes from the blog, as well as some of my favorites from my cookbook shelf and the web and recipes I want to try. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I get a commission if you take advantage of the offer (thank you!).

Deathflake season calls for good winter recipes

Ah winter. The time for candles, cozy socks, and existential dread. Not going to lie, friends, I’m not winter’s biggest fan. Snow after the holidays becomes Deathflakes, and I begin to wonder just how much of a New Englander I really am. Sometimes the only way to deal with winter is by cooking. Enter the Winter Recipes Roundup. This post has all the winter recipes from Wonder & Sundry, as well as a few ideas to try from my Cookbook Shelf and around the internet. This post will update as new recipes get added, so it’s a good one to bookmark.

For every mood

Winter is a perfect time to try a challenging recipe from your cookbook shelf (Mastering the Art of French Cooking, anyone?), or maybe that new cookbook you got as a gift. Sometimes, though, all you need to do is get something cooked and quick so that you don’t reach for your phone and summon hot wings for the millionth time (*looks around innocently*). This winter recipes post has you covered. There’s plenty of small-batch recipes in here, too, to help cut down on too many leftovers.

Winter recipes from Wonder & Sundry

Below are all of the winter recipes from Wonder & Sundry. This list will grow as new recipes get added.

Recipes I enjoy or want to try this winter

I also thought that it would be fun to share some winter recipes that I love from around the internets and my Cookbook Shelf, along with a few that I really want to try.

Winter recipes for soups/stews

  • Now’s the time to make that beef bourguignon the right way, even if you only ever do it once and then figure out an easier way to get close enough with less effort. Julia Child’s iconic recipe is worth all the time you spend on it. This is one of those winter recipes that gets better as leftovers.
  • French onion soup is the gold standard for winter recipes in my book. This five-star recipe from the New York Times is “simple” (you still have to stand over the stove and caramelize the onions—at least they are honest about the time it takes) yet gets excellent flavors. You need a subscription to access NYT Cooking, but it’s worth it.
  • Sopa de Ajo (Spanish garlic soup) on a cold winter’s day is a lot less effort and so much comfort. It’s delicious whenever, but especially comforting if you’re sick.

Winter recipes for veggies and sides

  • Cabbage wedges from Joshua McFadden’s Six Seasons opened my eyes to just how delicious simple roasted cabbage can be. Use the method as a template and check his other divine vegetable winter recipes.
  • Even if you don’t dress up Hard Roasted Cauliflower the way Alison Roman does, her easy method for roasting the sh*t out of cauliflower (crank up that oven and roast it until it’s brown and caramelized and amazing) should make its way into your regular rotation. I’ve done this with just a salt and smoked paprika, and it’s divine.
  • Use the method in my Maple Glazed Roasted Brussels Sprouts on winter root vegetables with a little rosemary or thyme. Everyone eats their vegetables when they’re cooked this way!

Winter recipes for mains

  • I had Sarma (stuffed cabbage made with sauerkraut and spicy meat filling) at Zagreb’s lovely Gostionica Ficlek, and I would love to learn how to make it. Food & Mood posted her grandmother’s recipe, and it looks delicious!
  • This “lazy” version of cassoulet looks like one of those easy and comforting recipes I’d like to try.
  • Speaking of cassoulet, this cheater way to make duck “confit” does the trick. So does this one.

Winter recipes for desserts and baked goods

  • I want cookies in winter. You know who bakes great cookies? Joy the Baker. Just pick one.
  • World Peace Cookies are always a good idea. We could really use some peace about now.
  • You know what else I keep thinking about? Chocolate babka. Thank you, smitten kitchen. I’m baking this one this winter.

What are your favorites?

What are your go-to winter recipes? Let us know your favorites in the comments. Hang in there, friends. Spring is coming . . . someday.

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