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Summer Fun

Greetings from steamy New England! The thunderstorms cleared off, and it is h-o-t! This morning when I floated in the pool, I remembered back to holing up with Ollie in my third-floor apartment, shades drawn, singing love songs to my air conditioner. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—there’s a lot that I miss about Boston, but summer isn’t one of them. I’m planning on diving back in right after I finish this.

How about you—how was your week?

Summer Bucket List update

Here’s how I’m doing toward my Summer Bucket List—make yours and wring all the wonder out of summer!

Jaws in the pool!

FINALLY! The thunderstorms cleared off in the evenings, and last night, my dream of watching Jaws while swimming in the pool came true. I shrieked and giggled, and crushed a commemorative Narragansett can (IYKYK). It was an absolute blast!

I had so much fun that I’m going to do more movies outside with themed snacks/drinks. I have a list of my favorites, but I am taking suggestions—leave one in the comments.

Reading more fiction!

I’m still reading Lessons in Chemistry. SO GOOD. I find myself putting it down so I won’t devour it too quickly. If you haven’t read it, don’t let the chicklit cover fool you. It’s amazing.

The week in posts

Here’s a recap of the week in posts, including one of my favorite day trips and not one, but two, recipes!

Travel: Take a Day Trip to North Montenegro 

Some day trips stick with you. This awe-inspiring day trip came at just the right time for me. Photos galore and everything you need to take this incredible trip when you’re in Montenegro.

Eat: Blueberry Gorgonzola Salad with Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette

Inspired by a salad served at summer company outings, this is one that you’ll want to make all season. A perfect mix of summer sweet and salty, with unexpected notes. And the dressing? You might want to eat it.

Eat: Whipped Ricotta Mousse with Summer Fruits

Here’s a super easy summer dessert that comes together in a flash (even if you make your own ricotta, which you should totally try doing). It’s unexpected and delicious, and scales up for company.

Vacation this coming week

It’s time for summer vacation! I’m going to take the coming week off from posting, but I’ll be back the following week with more updates on summer fun!

Are you on Threads?

I joined 30 million of my closest friends and joined Threads on Wednesday. It’s giving me all the Twitter 2008 feels. I’m sure it will devolve eventually, but for right now, what fun! You can find me @wonderandsundry.

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