The Stone Arch in Zagreb, visible from the side. Photo emphasizes the mace at the top of the tower, which was meant to deter witches. The dragon statue is visible in the left foreground, and a shop building next to the stone gate is visible as well.



Upper Town

Interesting Location

Stone Gate

Visit a shrine inside the old city gate

Absolutely Wonderful

Why You'll Love It

Zagreb’s famous Stone Gate—the last remaining gate from the old city walls—is known more for the shine of the Madonna and Child in the gate itself. You’ll often see people praying and lighting candles, once I saw a ceremony with chanting. The painting is said to have survived a fire.

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The Details


Stone Gate, Kamenita ulica, Zagreb, Croatia



Know Before You Go

Make sure to look up from the outside of the city walls. Check out the spikes. That mace was said to ward off witches from entering the city walls

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