Marija Jurić Zagorka was the author of the Witch of Gric, a popular Croatian novel about the Zagreb Witch Trials. This is one of the haunted Zagreb sites. The statue is visible in the foreground, a gas lamp to the right, and on a masonry building behind her, a brain with a sundial coming out of it is on the side. There is graffiti below.



Upper Town

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Statue of Marija Jurić Zagorka

Memorial to the author of a beloved Witch of Grič

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Zagreb had some of the more notorious witch trials in Europe, taking place from the fourteenth century, with over 325 women accused of witchcraft and 106 burned at the stake until the practice was ended in the mid-eighteenth century.

One of the women accused of witchcraft was the beautiful Barica Cindek, whose only crime appears to have been rebuffing a powerful suitor. She was imprisoned, awaiting trial, but was able to bribe her way out of trouble. However, she remained deeply angry about the whole ordeal and a few months later, she sought justice through the court. While her fate isn’t one-hundred-percent certain, it is said that this bold act cost Barica her life.

The novelist Marija Jurić Zagorka wanted a kinder fate for Barica and so she wrote the Witch of Grič, and so she wrote one in a beloved Croatian novel (sadly, it has not been translated). You can find a statue of Zagorka on the popular Tkalčićeva Street, with a sundial on the building behind her.

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Marija Jurić Zagorka, Croatian Novelist, Ulica Ivana Tkalčića, Zagreb, Croatia



Know Before You Go

Zagorka was a trailblazer. She was one of the first female journalists in Croatia. She founded a magazine about Croatian women, which was banned during WWII.

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