Elevador da Bica Touristy things to do in Lisbon



Chiado, Baxia

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Elevador da Bica

Ride the classic Lisbon funicular!

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If you’ve seen a photo of Lisbon, chances are you’ve seen Elevador da Bica. Take it down from the Chaido neighborhood to wander over to Rua Nova do Carvahlo (Pink Street), or take it up to visit Chaido and pick up Tram 28. If you have a Metro pass, this is included. The price includes 2 trips. As of this writing the elevador is closed for repairs, but it’s expected to open any day now.

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Elevador da Bica, Rua de São Paulo, Lisbon, Portugal



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When you’ve gotten your Lisbon legs, it’s fun to climb the hill and look down all of the alleyways

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