Barrio Lastarria

Cocktail Bar

Chipe Libre – Républica Independiente del Pisco

Forget national boundaries, you have entered the land of Pisco!

Highly Recommended

Why You'll Love It

Miss pisco, the brandy of Chile and Peru, and you’ve missed an important slice of culture. Peru’s pisco is more famous outside of South America, but Chile fights to reclaim their place in the story. Whether pisco was first made in Peru or Chile, this lively bar and restaurant in the heart of Barrio Lastarria encourages you not to care.
You aren’t in Chile when you enter Chipe Libre. You are in the Republic of PIsco. You can try just about any pisco here. You should definitely get a pisco sour; they are excellent. Or maybe two, just to make sure that you’ve found the perfect pisco for you.

It’s a bit touristy, but so much fun that you won’t mind your visit to the Republic of Pisco.

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The Details


Chipe Libre - Républica Independiente del Pisco, José Victorino Lastarria 282, 8320165 Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile



Know Before You Go

The food’s good, but take care if you have a shellfish allergy like I do.

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