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Buda Hills

Interesting Location

Children’s Railway

An adorable and weird railway run by children?

Absolutely Wonderful

Why You'll Love It

The Children’s Railway is odd. It’s an entire railway in the forest run by children. They run the trains, call the stations, charge the fares, and salute as the trains pass. They wear old-fashioned conductor uniforms and perform their duties in all seriousness. It is absolutely adorable, and not a little bit disturbing. Built in the late 1940s by the Communist Youth Brigade, the Children’s Railway (Hűvösvölgy) retains a Soviet whiff. People ride it for the spectacle (and the lovely views from the Buda hills).

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The Details


Budapest, Hűvösvölgy, Children's Railway, Gyermekvasúthoz vezető Way, Hungary



Know Before You Go

CASH ONLY! To get there, take the Cogwheel railway and take a chairlift down the mountain for a lovely afternoon in the Buda Hills.

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