Memorial Day Weekend did not get the memo about the unofficial kickoff of summer—it’s cold and wet here. Between that and my kitchen sink clogging, my planned post for Smoked Trout Rillettes as a picnic snack will have to wait for another time.

Thwarted by weather

So remember my rapturous summer posts? Alas, we’re practically back to winter here.

I’m on vacation this week, and I’d planned on packing a little picnic and going to Boston’s Castle Island, a favorite spot for locals to easily get on the water while watching planes take off from Logan. Or, I thought that I might even venture out to the Arboretum, which may as well be on Mars, now that I no longer live on the Orange Line (except for that tiny bit of Somerville that connects to the Orange Line, getting to Jamacia Plain takes for absolute ever, and almost no one from Somerville or JP ever goes to the other).

Castle Island, Boston, Massachuetts, USA

And, I’d planned on posting about picnic snacks to mark the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, specifically Smoked Trout Rillettes. This snack doesn’t rely on mayonnaise, and, provided that you’re not going far and have a little ice pack in your picnic basket (and also makes for a great lunch). It’s made with lots of fresh herbs, which I planned on snipping from my newly planted fire escape garden (shhh).

Fire Escape Herb Garden
My little fire escape herb garden. Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

And thwarted by plumbing

I could have still made this delightful snack, but then, my kitchen sink clogged just as the holiday weekend started, meaning that I’m going to have to wait a couple of days before it gets completely fixed. Between the weather and my sink, well … I’m taking it as a sign from the Universe that I should instead spend my weekend on the sofa, reading, drinking coffee, and snuggling with Ollie. I can think of worse ways to spend some time. We’ll do the Smoked Trout Rillettes soon.

Enjoy your Sunday!